Have you accepted your call in to ministry and are wondering what to do NEXT?

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What about this? Have you spent countless hours searching all over the internet trying to find “how-to” information in order to build your personal ministry, but yet and still you have not found one resource that has everything you need from A-Z all in one place?

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What you need to understand is that your personal ministry is just as important to the Kingdom of God as any other ministry, MEGA or small. YOU and YOUR MINISTRY have a great role to play in the grand scheme of what God wants to accomplish on Earth.  God has given you an assignment and a call, just like He has anybody else…And, the time is NOW for you to get the TOOLS and SECRETS you need to get your personal ministry moving forward in excellence!

But, if you have been frustrated by any one of the questions above, what you must understand is that it’s:


It’s simply, because you don’t have one of the most precious resources and commodities that you need that can help you build, develop and grow your ministry, literally over night!REAL INFORMATION!

Well, today that changes. God has allowed you to find this site today so that you can get the REAL INFORMATION you need to move forward for HIS GLORY!

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We are sharing with you MANY of the TOOLS and SECRETS that many of the mega ministries and others haven’t shared with YOU!

Unlike other resources you may have come across, this is not some 12 week plan that gives only scriptures and inspirational information, this is an INSTANT DOWNLOAD of information that you can APPLY NOW!

We are going to show you HOW to build your ministry from the ground up!

Whether you are just starting out in ministry or you’re already in ministry, TOOLS & SECRETS For Women In Ministry offers valuable information to help you get started; enhance; and take your ministry to the next level for God’s glory!

You Will Discover:

  • 4 Characteristics of Powerful Mission Statements
  • 5 Keys to creating a great Vision Statement
  • The 5 Benefits of a spiritual covering and who should be your covering
  • Being Licensed VS Ordained
  • 10 Preacher’s Study Tools every woman in ministry should have
  • 12 Powerful Ministry Tools Websites every preaching woman should know about!
  • What about the Apostle’s Creed?
  • 6 Characteristics of Effective Ministry Slogans
  • 7 Mistakes to avoid when naming your ministry
  • 7 Characteristics of an excellent logo and where you can get yours designed
  • How to get your ministry website done quickly and efficiently
  • How to use e-mail auto responses
  • To Incorporate or Not incorporate?
  • Do You really need a 501 (c)3?
  • Setting Up you ministry phone system
  • Opening Your ministry bank account
  • IRS financial accountability
  • Establishing credit for your ministryAND SO MUCH MORE!


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